15 hour Nite-Hawk LED Eco Report
This a brief “first trip” report of the Nite-Hawk Eco Emitter Headlamp available at: or or check with Alex at IMO to see if/when he will have them in stock

Two words to describe this light—- Kick Ass!

Both Bob Kirk and I used the lights for our last 14 hour Zicafoose Trip. It was wet, muddy, full of climbs, crawls, rope drops, canyoning and everything in between and I used nothing but the Nite-Hawk…….it is now my primary light.
I ran mine a good deal of time on 10% which in alot of situations is plenty of light but at full power this light is truly impressive with an incredibly long reaching non-collimated beam. Meaning that the further you shine the light out the wider the beam spread. It lit up Culverson Canyon beautifully.
Bob ran his at full power for 14 hours and we noticed no step down in brightness in fact I think it is safe to say that it will provide 20 hours or more of caving light on 4 AA’s.
The quality of the light is what so impressed me! This must be related back to the patented optics that Nite-Hawk has developed into this light over the last 3 years.

Negatives: The battery pack is a bit difficult to open. For those that prefer extreme amounts of spill to the sides this may not be the light for you but for all the situations I encountered on my first trip out it was considerably more quality light than I am used to with other shorter burn time light sources.

I will have a full review of the light with pics as I continue to use and test the light on upcoming trips.

Mark Passerby,

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