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Zicafoose Blowhole
Zicafoose Blowhole Photos

Bob Kirk Zic 1 Bob Kirk in Zicafoose Blowhole Pit #1 Bob Zic 2 Bob Kirk in Zicafoose Blowholes Pit #1 Zic Entrance Zicafoose Blowholes new and improved entrance Zic 2 Zicafoose Blowhole(Morris Hall looking on) Morris Hall Geologist Morris Hall Geologist from Texas who completed study of Raders Valley for our group. Blowhole ent Zicafoose Blowhole Entrance Chris Traxler Zic Chris Traxler in Zicafoose Blowhole Ziczfoose Lower Zicafoose Entrance in Winter Jim Tompkins Top of Toms Drop Jim Tompkins at the top of Toms Drop Top of Receiver Pit View of the top of Receiver Pit looking through the squeeze Bottom of Receiver Pit Bottom of Receiver Pit Jim Tompkins in the early entrance Jim Tompkins going into the entrance before it was majorly enlarged later. First room with digging debris pile Large debris pile from the original breakthrough dig in the first room.  Note post holding up large boulder.  Below boulder is the entry into the main cave. Jim Tompkins top of Toms Drop 2 Jim Tompkins near the top of Toms Drop Near Toms Drop Getting close to Toms Drop Top of Receiver Pit 2 At the top of Receiver Pit Top of Toms Drop At the top of Toms Drop Toms Drop Toms Drop Upper Z Way Upper Z Way Breakthrough Squeeze in first room dig Under the boulder in the first room is the breakthrough squeeze pictured here that leads to the series of drops into the main cave. Upper Z Way 2 Upper Z Way Down to Toms Drop Chimneying down to Toms Drop